Freitag, 10. April 2015

new design. new chance.

hey honeys.

this is going to be a short post about changes!

  1. obviously I changed the design... I think this whole dark attitude should be removed by pure brightness. 
  2. I have cut my hair a few days ago :) it is quite short now but I really love it.
  3. I quit 801010 aka Starch Solution aka rt4. I decided to change my diet to a lowcarb diet again because I am trying to eat the "highcarb"-ish way since summer 2014 and barely anything changed. I have not really lost weight. (in fact in the past couple of weeks I gained everything I lost) and I just do not have the feeling that I can control my portion sizes, which leads to overeating. My digestion and everything was great but I know myself too well to realize that I will probably slip into my disordered behaviour if I gain more weight.
  4. "Vegan for fit" is known to be a lowcarb, vegan - challenge program. That is why I will give it a go and start this challenge with Lisa (from :)
  5. the second semester is about to start 
thats it for now.