Samstag, 27. Juni 2015


today was the prom of my friend!
As we both went to the same school, I got to see my old teacher and have a chat with them, which was really nice :)
I haven not been eating the whole day - as I am fasting
We wanted to eat at a nice restaurant but they forgot to make a reservation, so we ended up searching the city centre for a restaurant (at 11p.m.), that was open but not overcrowded.
Oh boy, that is just so typical for us.
In the end we finally got to eat.
I had a vegan pizza (without cheese) and it was quite delicious.
Although I was really full after the half of it, I kept eating and now I am soo stuffed, that I can´t even drink water :/
It´s 2:30 now and I still have to study!
I made myself a "learning-plan" and I really have to stick to it (my exams start in 2 weeks)
and I have a hell lot of exams this semester (I did more courses than I actually have to, because of my stay in Istanbul in 2016... so I do not have to take the courses after my stay)

I´ll continue with my stuff now... I am so tired :(

Sleep well guys
s xxx

Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015


I really miss taking pictures. 
This is just a random snap shot. 
But I really miss those days, 
where I was so passionate about photography, 
where I just went out to capture the moment. 
Sometimes I am just wondering what to this girl happened? 

Hey guys,

I have so so so much to do these days, but I still wanted to give ya´ll a short update:
I didn´t juice fast because a) I read about rebound effects b) after thinking it through it felt like an "ED-kinda-behaviour" and I think its more important to extend healthy eating and thinking instead of putting it into danger...if you know what I mean :D
I started the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet instead but I am trying not to stress out about it :)

But Ramadan starts tomorrow so my eating habits will change for at least 30 days anyways xD

I (finally) got my periode today and I can´t describe how much pain I´m in...Do you have any tips or advice?

Another topic is, that I still did not get any respond from ERASMUS for the accommodation at the dormitory. (If I have not told you yet: I´ll start studying in Istanbul at a private university for 6 months next year! So excited about that!!!)
I really found an amazing one with my dad a couple of months ago (it is a totally new building-finished in 2013- and looks more like a 5* Hotel. There´s like a ton of staff for cooking, cleaning, doing your laundry and it even has its own car service)

I did the medical examination and all that kind of stuff for the registration back then, but now they told me, that they can not take me for sure because I start studying in Istanbul in the middle of the academic year... (summer semester 2016)
This really makes me furious because I talked to them in person twice and wrote like a zillion emails. So I have to work those things out as well...

I´ll start doing Arabic now and maybe do some Yoga before bed.
Have a nice evening and stay motivated.

XXX Sofia

Freitag, 12. Juni 2015


I feel like shit.
today has been horrible!
And I know this won´t be the last time, because I have weeks ahead of me, where I don´t even have proper weekends due to seminars...
There are zillion of exams waiting for me in July and my overall stress levels are groundbreaking. Or let´s say sky-breaking -.-

I really have to... That pressure gets bigger and bigger with every day I am getting closer to my birthday, which is on July 30 (I´ll turn 20 btw)
Feel so uncomfortable in my skin again.
On one hand I am relieved, because I know that I have to change something.
On the other hand I am concerned, because I slipped back into old habits without even noticing.

There is this little voice, that says: "Screw weight loss. Just listen to your body, eat a healthy diet, be happy and enjoy your fucking life!" I´m trying to focus on that voice, but it´s really hard these days.


P.S. I got my juicer today and I LOOOVEE it!!! Probably starting with Juice Cleansing tomorrow...

Dienstag, 9. Juni 2015


I'm Hey folks!
It´s been a really long time, but there was a lot going on...

  • my dad had an bike-accident 
  • I got a new baby cousin 
  • I took part at the COLORRUN!
  • I was out of town for about a week 
  • There were a few festivals going on here
Most of these things were really positive with the exception of that accident. 
He´s doing fine now, but it was a really tough time. 

The COLORRUN was amazing! I cannot even put it in words!!!
All the people, the colours, the music. Simply everything was so so great!

Here are some pictures :) 

I have been recently watching the documentaries "May I Be Frank" and "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead"... Those two were so impressive and had quite an impact on me. 
It basically tells the story of two men, who are sick and unhappy with their lives. 
So one started eating fully raw meals for 30 days and the other started a juice fast of 60 days. 
And it is INCREDIBLE what that pure food did to them.
So guess what?! I just ordered a juicer to try juice fasting as well. That´s so exciting!
I will tell you everything about it, as soon as I get to start to do it. 

I hope you all have an amazing day.