Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015


Step by Step.
Getting a little closer to the best version of myself!
Take your time. Breathe. And keep moving forward.

I gained loads of weight. 
But although it does not define my worth or personality, 
I am keen on losing it (because being overweight is not really healthy, is it?)

I am definitely a carbie :D
So I want to try the Starch Solution - way of eating.
I really liked rawtill4 but I think it is better to fuel yourself that way in summer.
Starch Solution is a "diet" concept by Dr. McDougall
Its HCLF, too. 
I ate yesterday that way and when I woke up today I had really really good mood :)
I was at a birthday party today, so the todays dinner wasn´t the way it should have been. 
But whatever. 

Plan for tomorrow: 
BF: 1/2 cup oats with 1 tbsp carob powder
1 Banana
few strawberries

L: buckwheat with cucumber and tomatoes 
1 persimmon 

D: huge salad (with rice or potatoes) 
3 dates 
I wanna workout too! But not sure if I wanna go running or do a 45 Cardia Sculpting workout at home. I think I will just have a look at the weather and if my knee hurts.

Have a good night lovelies.


Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

not so detoxed

Good evening y´all!
Although I did not detox today, I ate quite "healthy". 
In my opinion it was still too much, but 70% of the calories could be considered as good ones :) 
Some strange things did happen, but I hope those were only an exception. 

#PDOTD (=Positive detail of the day) 
I heard a nice song in the radio today & I cooked for me and my brother :)

Plans for tomorrow: 
Probably wake up around 8 a.m. 
Read my summaries and have a breakfast 
Drive to university
Go on studying there
Write my exam 
Go tutoring 
Visit friends of the family -.- 

Planned food: 
big bowl of millet and oats with dried figs, carob and a green smoothie 
750 ml Mango-Smoothie from truefruits
750 ml Green Smoothie 
some starches when we are at attendance 

I just hope that the exam and attendance will be fine tomorrow... 

xxx Sofia 

Dienstag, 3. Februar 2015

University and stuff

3 of 4 exams are already written :) 
Have the last one on Thursday and then I'll have to write my seminar paper within 2 weeks before I fly to Istanbul... 
So everything is quite stressfull and will probably stay this way. 
If I'm lucky, I can do an internship in this holidays in istanbul. (a Canadian friend will probably visit me there, so it's pretty exciting) 

To the food-topic: I eat way to much food! :( my "diet" is HCLF so it's actually really good. I'm still experimenting with 801010 and starchsolution because I don't figured out with which I feel best with... 
Anyways, I want to "detox" tomorrow... (I'm so bloated since 3 days, which is stress and period related) 
So the plan is: 

Breakfast: nana ice cream 
Lunch: 750 ml smoothie with goji berries 
Dinner: big salad 
Snack: raisins and matcha 

I am probably gonna repeat this on Thursday and then I'll join the 30 day challenge (there's  a vegan meal and workout plan) and all you have to do is follow it, which is exactly what I needed! 
So although I gained a decent amount of weight, I am still convinced, that I'll be able to fly at least 6 kgs lighter to Istanbul!