Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

not so detoxed

Good evening y´all!
Although I did not detox today, I ate quite "healthy". 
In my opinion it was still too much, but 70% of the calories could be considered as good ones :) 
Some strange things did happen, but I hope those were only an exception. 

#PDOTD (=Positive detail of the day) 
I heard a nice song in the radio today & I cooked for me and my brother :)

Plans for tomorrow: 
Probably wake up around 8 a.m. 
Read my summaries and have a breakfast 
Drive to university
Go on studying there
Write my exam 
Go tutoring 
Visit friends of the family -.- 

Planned food: 
big bowl of millet and oats with dried figs, carob and a green smoothie 
750 ml Mango-Smoothie from truefruits
750 ml Green Smoothie 
some starches when we are at attendance 

I just hope that the exam and attendance will be fine tomorrow... 

xxx Sofia