Samstag, 2. Mai 2015

do not relapse

I feel so bad, I can´t even put it in words.
Long story short: My dad and I had a massive row. And since then we are not talking with each other. And this is literally killing me. Because I am actually really a "daddys little girl" kind of girl.
I miss talking to him. Or drinking coffee with him. All this makes me feel so empty and depressed these days.
And if that´s not enough, my eating habits got totally out of order.
I either restrict or eat till I burst. I do not have any joy, control or happiness when I eat anymore.
I just feel disgusted after a few bites.
I don´t want to slip back. I was so proud the other day, when I ate 2000+ kcal and did not gain any weight! And now all the effort seems to go away... :(

But I have one good message: My mom started a plantbased diet one week ago! :) Now she got kind of used to ditching animal products, so we can get started with the Vegan for Fit Challenge (2.0.) together :D
for those of you, who are interested: the first week when I first started VFF I lost 1,7 kg, but I could not continue eating like that because uni was (and still is) very stressfull, but I had the time I needed to find my "rhythm" this semester. So it is going to be much easier to plan and prepare my meals.

good night

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