Samstag, 18. Oktober 2014

Life talk

I have the urge to purge since 2 days...The food yesterday was so so so bad! Those 10 of us are always meeting on Thursdays to have lunch together and jeez the "veggie-gratin" was so gross! Since then my stomach hurts and I have a feeling as me throwing up is just a matter of time. -.- 

What else? We had a meeting with the older students of the faculty of my second subject and god they're all so nice! We just kept laughing, talking, drinking tea/coffee and enjoy each-other's company. I think the range of age was between 2 (it was the little daughter of a student) to 40+... 

Tomorrow I am going to meet ma beloved brosis and then I really have to pack some things to move out part-time...despite of being a little afraid of this step I really don't know if I wanna do that. Sure everyone's happy if they can move out ASAP but tbh I really enjoyed to be around my family since I usually get to come home between 6 and 9 pm... I even had a friend for a flat near university. But I didn't wanna humiliate myself by asking my parents for a flat after they bought me a brandnew yeah... Things are always complicated

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