Montag, 13. Oktober 2014


Sometimes life gets really hard. 
So hard, you don't even remember what's worth living for. 
And then you struggle every single second... 
But sometimes life is easy. 
It almost seems like it loves you. 
Everyone around is nice to you, everything goes well and you can sometimes expect suprises to happen.

My life is at this point right now. 
Is it stressful? Oh you can bet in that!
Are there troubles any now and then? For  sure. 
But in general everything is just ok the way it is. I met so so many amazing people at university, my parents are doing  their very best to support me and I have wonderful people to talk to. 

BUT (how could we expect this post to end without a but?! ;P) there are still some nasty thoughts on my mind. 
Not being skinny, good, talented, intelligent, beautiful enough.  
It feels like I am subconsciously looking for flaws. Reasons to start starvation. And I'm not sure how to handle that whole situation. 
I want ti challenge myself tomorrow and see how everything goes on... 

XXX Sofia 

Here are some random pics :D :)

This was yesterday's fruit haul :D 

And here are some new workout clothes to motivate myself to do more sports...

And this is *suprise* *suprise* one of my "project blue room" IKEA bags.
(I have to admit: I really love the blueness of my room :D) 

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