Samstag, 4. Oktober 2014

I lost focus...

The last days were pretty exhausting...
There was a 4-day-beginngers-course and I had to be at university from 9 a.m. to at least 5 p.m.
Additionally the whole journey with the train was just killing me...
I had to change the trains for about 3 times and all in one that whole action made me burn at least 700 cals a day!

But there were nice aspects too of course!
I met so many amazing people and even got to meet them during leisure time. 
I had a sleepover at Pia´s apartment and we went to the cinema and afterward to a bar with Luisa and Valerie... 

I think it´s pretty predictable that I´m expecting my coming week to be as exciting as the week before!

Tomorrow we have Greater Aid, so I am very concerned about the food...
But it´s just tomorrow, right? It actually lasts for 3 days, but we will be meeting friends and family tomorrow... On Sunday I will be tutoring and giving swimming classes afterwards, and Monday´s uni, so it won´t be that bad I guess...

Generally I just recognised that I lost my focus on nutrition and sports. 
I have to work out regularly again and start banning processed foods out of my diet (I have been eating them a lot lately and forget about rt4)

Anyway, I wanna get back on track, and the best way of doing this is PLANNING!
I´ll release the plans here, after I wrote those and make sure to stick on them.

Bye for now, lovelies! 

xxx S

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