Sonntag, 9. November 2014


First of all: I am going to write my first exam tomorrow and I am so excited :/
I am not done studying yet but I really hope everything's going to be fine. 

Then there's that meeting tomorrow with a lot of people and I am really looking forward for that "event" because of F (that boy I was talking about) and all the other people... 

On Tuesday I'll be on my way to Munich to visit a very good friend. But only till Wednesday because of my Chinese classes -.- 

I have a very good relationship with my dad these days. He is much more easy going compared to my mom and he always does this little nice gestures! (Yesterday he bought me a fossil-watch just because I did him a favour *_*)
But my mom is really stressing out. She yelled at me a few days ago because I came home from college at 11 p.m. 3 days in a row... -.- 

And yeah. That's all for now. 
Luv y'all <3

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