Mittwoch, 26. November 2014


I had an appointment with my therapist yesterday and I just realized (once again) what an amazing person she actually is... My therapy will end on 12.12.2014 and the idea of not seeing her again makes me almost cry. I love her. I really do and I just can´t imagine a life without her anymore.
It´s not the therapy, it´s her... :(

I asked her to borrow me some vegan cookbooks and she brought them yesterday. And she just didn´t brought them...She gave me one as a present! I was so shocked, because I didn´t expected it...

What Else? I managed to do a wrong move and now I can't move my neck... That's the reason why I'm in bed till 2 days, unable to do anything but eat... 
Apropos eat: my dad had a serious conversation with me:"you are not eating enough! That's the reason why your muscles aren't working properly" and all this kind of shit. So I had to eat yesterday and today which SUCKS!!!! 
I hate myself for this and aaaargh I am so mad right now. 

I decided to start posting what I have eaten the whole day... I think it'll help me to get the "control" back 

Xxx S 

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