Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

Better days are about to come

Breakfast: 1 Pear, 30 gr oats, 100 ml choc soymilk & coffee

Lunch: 1 slice fitness bread & 1 rocher 

Dinner: 1 slice of veggie pizza, potatoe salad (just ate half the portions of both) & 3 cookies 

Today was horrible... I purged. I just had this horrible feeling (after trying some baked goods I couldn't handle it, purged and ate dinner afterwards to prevent an binge) 

I trained 850 cals off. Sports really do make me happy but it had that kind of bittersweet taste today... I had the feeling of training so hard because of the cals. Today my ED had definetly more control over me but tomorrow is going to be better! :) 

So excited due to the shooting :o 

Love s 

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