Mittwoch, 17. Juni 2015


I really miss taking pictures. 
This is just a random snap shot. 
But I really miss those days, 
where I was so passionate about photography, 
where I just went out to capture the moment. 
Sometimes I am just wondering what to this girl happened? 

Hey guys,

I have so so so much to do these days, but I still wanted to give ya´ll a short update:
I didn´t juice fast because a) I read about rebound effects b) after thinking it through it felt like an "ED-kinda-behaviour" and I think its more important to extend healthy eating and thinking instead of putting it into danger...if you know what I mean :D
I started the Healthy Skinny Girl Diet instead but I am trying not to stress out about it :)

But Ramadan starts tomorrow so my eating habits will change for at least 30 days anyways xD

I (finally) got my periode today and I can´t describe how much pain I´m in...Do you have any tips or advice?

Another topic is, that I still did not get any respond from ERASMUS for the accommodation at the dormitory. (If I have not told you yet: I´ll start studying in Istanbul at a private university for 6 months next year! So excited about that!!!)
I really found an amazing one with my dad a couple of months ago (it is a totally new building-finished in 2013- and looks more like a 5* Hotel. There´s like a ton of staff for cooking, cleaning, doing your laundry and it even has its own car service)

I did the medical examination and all that kind of stuff for the registration back then, but now they told me, that they can not take me for sure because I start studying in Istanbul in the middle of the academic year... (summer semester 2016)
This really makes me furious because I talked to them in person twice and wrote like a zillion emails. So I have to work those things out as well...

I´ll start doing Arabic now and maybe do some Yoga before bed.
Have a nice evening and stay motivated.

XXX Sofia

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