Freitag, 12. Juni 2015


I feel like shit.
today has been horrible!
And I know this won´t be the last time, because I have weeks ahead of me, where I don´t even have proper weekends due to seminars...
There are zillion of exams waiting for me in July and my overall stress levels are groundbreaking. Or let´s say sky-breaking -.-

I really have to... That pressure gets bigger and bigger with every day I am getting closer to my birthday, which is on July 30 (I´ll turn 20 btw)
Feel so uncomfortable in my skin again.
On one hand I am relieved, because I know that I have to change something.
On the other hand I am concerned, because I slipped back into old habits without even noticing.

There is this little voice, that says: "Screw weight loss. Just listen to your body, eat a healthy diet, be happy and enjoy your fucking life!" I´m trying to focus on that voice, but it´s really hard these days.


P.S. I got my juicer today and I LOOOVEE it!!! Probably starting with Juice Cleansing tomorrow...

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