Samstag, 27. Juni 2015


today was the prom of my friend!
As we both went to the same school, I got to see my old teacher and have a chat with them, which was really nice :)
I haven not been eating the whole day - as I am fasting
We wanted to eat at a nice restaurant but they forgot to make a reservation, so we ended up searching the city centre for a restaurant (at 11p.m.), that was open but not overcrowded.
Oh boy, that is just so typical for us.
In the end we finally got to eat.
I had a vegan pizza (without cheese) and it was quite delicious.
Although I was really full after the half of it, I kept eating and now I am soo stuffed, that I can´t even drink water :/
It´s 2:30 now and I still have to study!
I made myself a "learning-plan" and I really have to stick to it (my exams start in 2 weeks)
and I have a hell lot of exams this semester (I did more courses than I actually have to, because of my stay in Istanbul in 2016... so I do not have to take the courses after my stay)

I´ll continue with my stuff now... I am so tired :(

Sleep well guys
s xxx

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