Dienstag, 16. September 2014

Day 2 - in pictures

Breakfast: 1 apple with cinnamon & coffee (I just ate the half of it) 

Lunch: veggie stock & 1 slice of vegan salami and 150 gr soy yogurt with 1 tsp peanut butter & coffe 

Dinner: I had to eat a little of the leek-rice-carrot-dish my mum made because she kept complaining about me not eating the dish though she was cooking vegan + a few grapes  

Today I was at a introducing-appointment. It was quite nice. There was this girl Antonia whom I talked a lot and maybe we will be in a few courses together. :) 

Tomorrow I'll be out with the girls for breakfast... I'm really hoping to find a fruit bowl because a) it's raw and b) I'd really like not to fail at this diet tomorrow...

Bye for now 

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