Donnerstag, 18. September 2014

Day 4 - in pictures

Breakfast: 1 banana, 1 date, 10 baby carrots and 3 cucumber sticks (I couldn't eat all of them) 

Lunch: 2 cups of soup 

Dinner: Salad with a oven-pommes fritz  

Dessert: 3 chocolate covered vegan biscuits & 1 vegan ginger bread 

This day was such a disappointment, I can't even describe it in words. The only thing that comes in my mind is FAILED. 
Congrats :) 

My mom asked me today what I ate which is kinda odd because that's something she actually never does.
Unfortunately we started argueing when we came home, so everything is weird. 

I only had 2 cups of coffe today and I'm desperate to get a good cup of coffee but it's way too late to have one :( 
PLUS I couldn't workout today (and I have just burned 550 cals so far) so I'm a little afraid of gaining weight. 

I would describe my life as unstable right now. I have nobody to talk to (besides a few bloggers and Joe) and idk I feel like I actually want to die. Not in a depressive way. It's more like sleeping for a long time and see how things develop, so there's no need for me to actor think... 

But maybe it's just because of the university excitement idk 

Love all of you 

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