Mittwoch, 17. September 2014

Day 3 - in pictures

Breakfast: this was actually just a part of it... I had this soy cappuccino and peep-soup but I forgot to take a photo :/

Lunch: I had 3 dried prunes, half-handfull peanuts, 0,5 cookie, 1 anise-drop & 2,5 tbsp of soy yogurt 

Dinner: I had abut 10 of these carrots & a few raisins 

I somehow hated this day because I had this feeling of being full all the time and at least I wished to have hunger --> eat and then get hungry again instead of this chaos of eating I did -.- 
But I worked out for about 60 mins, which is quite nice I guess... 

The plans for tomorrow: 
My mom wants me to go to a friend of hers and she will be baking tons of food... Man I'd really wish to have a completely successful day... But I'm making the decisions, right? 


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