Freitag, 19. September 2014

Don't ever think of recovery again

My day is just horrible. I just want to start cutting my arms until they're completely red. 
Fuck all people. Fuck this life. Fuck everything. Damn it!
But I wanna start right from the beginning before I get more into details. 
This day started ok. I have gained weight because of yesterday but I reckoned it so it was actually no big deal. 

I was watching Gilmore Girls and when Sookie cooked, I realised "food = life". That was the reason, why I ate actually quite a lot of food. 
But when my mom came, we started arguing and it got really ugly. And I mean really really ugly. 
She kept yelling at me and when I shouted back, she freaked out. 
Our argument lasted for at least 20 min and when I wanted to go outside she told me, that there are going to be serious consequences, if I leave the common meal. I hate everything!

Everything is going to change tomorrow. 

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