Mittwoch, 1. Juli 2015

oh these sleepless nights

Good night everyone!
I have not slept since ages and I feel soo damn tired! 
Unfortunately this is really effecting me. 
Today I had this terrible (and awkward experience) in front of my dad. He arrived from a shopping tour for his company and I stood up to say hi. 
While we were talking and everything went black (but just for a second, or two) 
My das was kinda concerned and now he started to control what I am eating!
Anyhow it has nothing to do with that... I am eating enough (if not too much) and it just has something to do with the insomnia. 
I just want these exams to be over, to be finally free!
(well, I wont have time there either, but at least I can sleep then)

anyways; i need your help guys!
I started some kind of a little "study" for a seminar. 
For this study I have to interview people with (former) eating disorders. 
I wanted to ask you, if you are interested?! :) 

If so, just leave a comment below. 
Lots of love 
S xxx

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