Montag, 16. März 2015

Give a shit on what others think

Hey lovelies 

I'm back at our summer house again (I had a few sleepovers) but I have to admit that I really feel crappy.
My energy levels are still very low and I just hate the fact that this all leads to a vicious cycle: tired > no excercise > more time to eat crappy food > damaging your body > feeling worse and even more tired 
And the thing is, that no matter how much I increase my sleep, I'm still tired!!!
Additionally I got kinda sick... I'm freezing and my stomach feels so weird all the time.

I really have to do some kind of detox! It's  scary that I fell in this kinda hole, unable to do the things I really enjoy like running, sports, photography, cooking and loads of taking of course. 
I'll just start with kind the starch solution . I brought lots of grains like rice, millet, buckwheat, spelt and quinoa from Germany and I just realised that I was holding myself back from thriving by thinking that cooking for myself is rude. But who cares. I'll be gone in 2 weeks and they all do already think I'm crazy so what :D my Heath is way more important and I already get some serious signals  from my body. 

So I'll start with some gentle excercise tomorrow... Probably not  too cardiovascular. Maybe some walking, yoga and ballet excercises. 

B: brown rice with carob and apple
L: buckwheat with carrots and olives 
D: grain mix with tomato and cucumber 
Dessert: piece of fruit 

#PDOTD: I did a mini workout after getting up and I cleaned my room :) 

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