Mittwoch, 25. März 2015

My knee hurts :(

Good evening everyone!

6 days left until I fly back to Germany... 
This is so crazy. When did 1 month pass? That's really confusing. 
But I'm not sure if I want to go back tbh. On one hand I am realy looking forward to it, because I missed my bed, the environment, the grocery stores and in general the life there. 
On the other hand I'll miss my relatives, my granny and just the beauty and energy of istanbul. But either way I have only 6 days left and I'm gonna enjoy them as much as possible :) 

I'm still continuing the starch solution way of eating but I really really miss the abundance of fresh food. Like I'm literally craving it. I'm possibly gonna spend a lot of money when I arrive back home for all this fresh, juicy goodness. 

Anyways this is what I ate today: 

BF: sweet rice with agave (and carob) and a banana/Apple/coconut milk smoothie (I had this "breakfast" at 1 pm 0-0) 
D: therefore I skipped lunch and had 2 plates full of bulgur and beans 

As I mentioned earlier I'm falling back in love with working out again... 
I had amazing 60 min of training today: 15 min ballet beautiful, 30 min HIIT, 15 min yoga 

It was so great but my knee hurts a lot :( 
I made an ice-pack and I'm hoping that this is going to help me. 

I'll just start reading ballet beautiful now. I finished "Skinny Bitch" yesterday and it was really interesting to read all those facts about health and veganism. I can definetly recommend it! :) 

Have a nice evening 

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