Sonntag, 22. März 2015

Where is all the fruit gone

Hi chickas 💛

It's been 24 hours since my arrival back in Istanbul again after our 3 day roadtrip, which has been great and exhausting at the same time :D 
We have been to many places, but all of them had one thing in common: the amazing sea! (And wind haha) 
We've even been to Troja, where I made such an ambarrassing experience.. There were Chinese tourist and I wanted to speak to them but as soon as she started talking I got a blackout and I couldn't respond to anything -.- but it  was great anyway. 

Eating-wise I had loads of trouble. All the breadery, on the go kind of food really challenged my body and digestion. In those 3 days my skin got really really bad, my digestion is going crazy and I am literally craving soups, veggies and fruit as if I haven't eaten them for years... 

Unfortunately we didn't have any fruits here but this day was still thousand times better than the other days... 
0,5 cups of oats (dry) with agave lemon and dates 
0,5 cups of brown rice and lentils (dry) salad and cauliflower with carrots (I actually had the double size of veggies 😅🙉) 
And veggie soup of course :D 

As dessert I had helva which is a turkish delicacy and yeah that's pretty much everything.

And I even managed to do some sports today... It was kind of an spontaneous decision and I'm really impressed on those positive feelings you get afterwards. I might be a little dumb because even though I know how happy working out makes me, I still find excuses. I really shoul stop listening to my old self and embrace my inner sportaholic. Because it's always great to feel fit, fresh and STRONG 


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