Dienstag, 31. März 2015


There have been a couple of experiences in the last few days, which made me really think of life and how blessed we actually are. 

Probably one of the biggest gifts is HEALTH! Just think of when you have the flu: you're unable to do anything but sleep, nose is running and so on. And now think of the people, who have serious illnesses. Like cancer or leukaemia. How they must feel. How this feeling must be, to know that you could die every minute. 

Or what about PEACE? Or having a FAMILY? Or what about having a BED and a roof over your head? 
We take so many things for granted and  sometimes we focuse on unnecessary things like wearing the latest trends or having the coolest car. But how about stopping, breathing and realising what you have and how BLESSED you actually are. Even if it is the tiniest thing. Just the fact that you are alive is wonderful.
In this world it's so easy to forget to be thankful. And little reminders really help to get this awareness back and have a much more positive view on obstacles and life itself. 

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