Freitag, 10. Juli 2015


I had an Arabic exam today and I ceded blank papers, because I didn't understand one word of the long text we had to translate. 
I have exams next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then I'll be finally through  it all. (Except Arabic, where I'll be tested  again at the end of July) 

There's so much to do and to study and I just feel like a half dead corpse. (I was invited to a birthday party yesterday and we were up till 4, slept till 7:30 and went to the exam at 9:30... So we could study for about 1,5 h :D) 
And my other days are not that unsimiliar, therefore i am tired 24/7... 

I'm eating way too much food because I'm always up so late, so I'm thinking of going on "potatoe Island"
they're yummy and filling and who doesn't like potatoes? 
The basic idea behind this is to nourish and cleanse your body instead of filling it with junk food. 
Healthier body = healthier mind = better exam results + happiness 

Good night everyone ❤️❤️❤️

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