Montag, 13. Juli 2015


heeey guuys :)

I am super happy right now! I slept a lot today, enjoyed the sun outside, showered with ice cold water on our lawn, read a bit of Dr. John McDougalls "Starch Solution" and did barely study (but its ok, I am genius, so no worries :D)

I am trying to enjoy this day as much as possible because I actually have so much stress going on:

  • I had a massive row with my brother & now he hates me
  • Due to technical problems I am not on "THE LIST" which tells me, where I am gonna write my exam on Wednesday
  • As technical problems are very common: I do not know if I am signed in for the Arabic Oral exam (which is tomorrow)
  • I was told that the 2. written Arabic Exam was advanced on 23.rd instead of -.-

What my Calender looks like:
M, 13/07: Arabic Oral Exam 
T, 14/07: Pedagogy Exam 
W, 15/07: Pedagogy Exam 
T, 16/07:
F, 17/07: full-day-seminar + Eid 
S, 18/07: full-day-seminar 
S, 19/07:
M, 20/07: full-day-seminar 
T, 21/07: 
W, 22/07: full-day-seminar 
T, 23/07: written Arabic Exam 
F, 24/07: full-day-seminar 

and after that I am finally free!!!!
keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!
So now I should really start studying :)
There are actually soo many things I want to tell you guys (support system, starches do not make you fat, getting texted by old friends, meet-ups, marriage proposal, recipes and so much more but I´ll catch up on that later... probably in Wednesday) 


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