Freitag, 17. Juli 2015


Hey guys!
YEEEY! My "Horror"-Week is finally over!!!
So glad I survived this and we even got the results of the exams: I passed all exams and my grades are really good...Due to the quantity of the tests I was a little worried, if I´ll be able to pass them. So this makes me even more happy and proud. :)

As this is life, there are not only good news:
I failed my first seminar paper from last semester (I recently got the results)
I was sickly worried at the beginning, tbh. (Because if I fail again, I won´t be allowed to continue studying my major anywhere in Germany)
But I know I´m a good writer and lot of students told me, that there are a bunch of docents, who let you fail, to make sure you learn "academic writing" with all its rules and stuff.
So I am trying to see this as an opportunity to get better in writing, researching, explaining and citing!

Tomorrow is EID!!! So excited about that. It can´t believe how fast time flew by.
I mean Ramadan is already over and it feels so surreal to be able to eat and drink again whenever you want.
To be fully honest with you guys, I am a bit afraid of that.
I got my period today, so I ate and drank and it felt SO WEIRD.
Either physical and mental. Physical I had kind of a "acidic" feeling in my stomach (I assume it was the coffee + too many dates (10?12?)) and mental I recognized more anxiety.
Like: "Ok I have already had one meal, so I should eat less, otherwise I will gain weight" and that kind of thoughts. And this really upsets me and makes me angry.

Because I know all the facts: I am definitely not starving or anything, therefore I am not in the stage of "de novo lypogenesis" (Which basically means that you can´t build fat cells from eating too many carbs - except you are starving)You know what that means?
So eat whatever the fuck you want and get healthy, lean, energetic and strong!
Despite that knowledge I was struggling today. But it´s probably normal in a way, because I have to change all my new habits again. So I´ll just have to look how this develops over the next weeks :)

I am gonna sleep now because I am sooo tired!

Sofia Ellen xxx

* if you are interested in this topic: watch this video on youtube or read "Starch Solution" by Dr. John McDougall

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