Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015


Hey you sweethearts <3

Oh god I feel so terrible.
I visited a friend in the hospital and omg I have never felt that horrible.
It was way too much to see her suffering, smelling that typical hospital smell and watch her bleeding over and over again.
I couldn't handle it, went to the visitor toilets crying, dizzy, totally and shaky.

I'm home now and just watching some bridal/wedding TV shows to get distracted. I'll probably make me some tea now to calm down. 

I really don't know what happened there but I think it was a combination of fear, nausea and misery. 
Sometimes it's so hard to understand what other people are going through. And I'm not talking about that "no one understands me"-thing. It's more like: there are so many people, little children, teenagers who spent a lot of time in hospitals due to an illness. 
And there's the normal person who doesn't appreciate any normality in his life. But there's so so so much we should be thankful and happy for. 

Forget school, uni, work, travelling or whatever. Just be happy for being. For breathing. For being able to hear, see, speak, taste, feel.
Appreciate life! Live in the present and never ever look back! 

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